This I believe.

My journey as a writer has been interesting. I was inconsistent and I felt at one point that the results were dependent on the type of day I was having. If I was on a good day my paper or piece would come out the way I desired and If I wasn’t I would loathe turning it in. I stayed with this frame of mind for a while until I realized the true reason for my inconsistency in writing. The real issue was with how I put myself into the writing. Certain topics I had an easy time inserting myself into because I already cared about the subject. The tricky part was inserting or finding myself in a topic that doesn’t seem relevant to me. This is when I truly had to put my brain to work and I find something new within myself. My growth as a writer has led to my growth as a thinker and a person. I am now grateful to Composition II and more importantly writing for challenging me to take this step.


The Importance of Team Psychologists in E-Sports

Players in E-Sports are known for having short careers due to burn out, mass criticism, and personal attacks. These players crumble under the pressure of their organizations and their fans yet many organizations don’t do anything to help their players to deal with these issues. E-Sports organizations want wins and they want them now which often time results in them making roster swaps instead of helping to mediate the players they already have. A solution however that will give the player the success and thus give the organization success is a team psychologist.

ZionSpartan (6 of 10)

The success of team psychologists in E-Sports is currently at 100% so why shouldn’t more teams adapt to this? Players talk so much about the pressure they feel and how it affects their play. However with the addition of the psychologist the problems can be mediated. As Jesiz of team SK said “He doesn’t help me to not make mistakes, he helps to not be afraid to make mistakes.” (Jesiz, 2014) This is the type of confidence that helps an E-Sports player and team succeed.

Wardrobe in The Walking Dead

Clothing, in TV shows, is probably one of the most underrated aspects of character representation and development. Clothing is a huge way in which people represent themselves and show what they are about. A man in a classical suit will represent a man who is mature and serious where as a man in a band shirt and shorts may represent someone who is young and free. In The Walking Dead the wardrobe means everything.


The Walking Dead is set in a post-apocalyptic world where everything is broken and people are scarce. People have very little to live for and are often on the run in a world plagued by a disease that no one really understands. To represent this hopelessness in the characters there is the dialogue and more importantly there is their clothing. Everyone in the show has clothes that is worn and torn and covered in blood and dirt. This clothing also shows the development because at the start of a day the clothes is usually a little cleaner than by the end when they have had to fight off hordes of zombies. No one in the show is an exception to this either, it shows that everyone in the show no matter their age or gender is forced to mature and embrace the harshness of the world they live in. If the characters weren’t wearing these worn down clothes and instead wore a casual t-shirt and blue jeans the characters would appear very differently. It wouldn’t show how bad the characters’ lives are and the cruelty they have to deal with on a daily basis. Instead it would appear a lot less hopeless.

The Science of Shopping

Fry’s Food and Drug is a fairly well-known chain grocery store that has locations across 31 different states. It was founded by two brothers from California in 1954 only to eventually be sold to a bigger retail store, Kroger, in 1972. Fry’s holds a prominent place in the current market and stays successful through the implementation of science in shopping; a phrase coined by Gladwell in his essay “The Science of Shopping”. This is essentially techniques put in place to get the most possible purchases from a customer.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The look of Fry’s exterior is pretty basic with its bland red sign, but this simplicity makes it an appealing and safe looking place. Immediately upon entrance the techniques discussed in Gladwell’s essay are evident. The main display was a short fifteen paces from the entrance and looked very tempting to any potential customer. This fifteen pace area is what Gladwell calls the “decompression zone”. Underhill says that this part of the store is for the customer to adjust to the lighting of the store and prepare to look around at potential items. At this current time the Super Bowl week is going on so the main display was themed around it and was even more tempting to a football enthusiast. From food trays to beer the football display had anything a fan would want at a “Great Savings!” of a price. After a closer look at the food though the expiration dates were actually only a mere three days away not even allowing it to stay fresh to the date of the Super Bowl. Fry’s used the technique of putting something on sale because they needed to get rid of it in a certain time frame. Along with this technique, fry’s entrance set up caused nine out of the eleven observed customers move to the right of the store. The right of the store happened to be the side that is farthest away from the check-out line causing customers to have to look at all of the items before checking out.IMG_1829

A thing I found quite strange was that I was never approached by an employee in any way for any type of assistance. The employees all just seemed to congregate towards the front of the store in their basic black and red polo’s. These uniforms seemed fitting as it is just a simple grocery store and it also somewhat added to the simplistic but safe feel of the store. Along with this there was a very interesting interaction between kids and their parents when traveling down the aisles. Obviously there was something on every aisle that kids wanted; this was put that way intentionally by the store. This constant begging only stopped once the parents got to the area in the very back which I like to call the “adult area”. It was where all the fresh vegetables, fruit and alcohol were at. This clever location technique caused a lot of parents to have to deal with constant nagging from kids that usually resulted in parents buying something they didn’t want to.IMG_1832

The science of Fry’s Food and Drug seemed to be all too familiar to that mentioned in Gladwell’s essay “Science of Shopping”. It was almost a direct correlation and scary recognition to see how much power a simple lay out will have on the sale of goods. Next time hopefully customers will not take the bait and spend more than they intend to initially.

Words cost money

What have I learned in Composition I? I learned quite a few things that may seem silly on the surface but make a lot of sense when thinking about it in the terms of a technically well written paper. A well written paper is quite a hard task to achieve but not when I remember a few simple phrases that I learned because Professor Yvonne always loved to say them.

The first of these phrases being “Words cost money”. Words obviously don’t cost real currency but they do cost what I like to call “intellectual currency”. It is about being honest with myself and my writing. Do I really need that extra word or is it just there to fit a word a limit or push the essay to the next page? I can say honestly that I did it often times to reach the word limit but then I ran out of intellectual currency and had to sell some words so that my paper didn’t sound ridiculous. What I mean by ridiculous is by having an absurd amount of adjectives/adverbs describing one simple noun that really didn’t need that much description. This leads right into the next point! Woo ooh a messed up transition! This is something I apparently didn’t quite learn how to do so well.

The next phrase is simply “Go look at words and phrases to avoid in college writing!”. This has been probably the most irritating but beneficial things I have ever learned in any English class. I have always thought of this as something that is subjective and up to the opinion of the writer/reader whether or not these words should be used. If I am being intellectually honest though, avoiding these words and phrases makes a piece of writing look a Quintilian times better.

The last phrase is one that wasn’t said as much as the others but I felt was very influential in my development as a writer which is “You write better when it is something you are passionate about”. Being someone that doesn’t right very much I at least knew this but I never truly applied it until now. I have always said “I suck at writing I will always suck a writing no matter what I write about”. Part of that is still true, I’m not a great writer but I am taking steps toward being a better writer.

So what I learned in English is that with a few helpful tips you can get better at anything. I felt so hopeless when it came to writing and now I feel like a champion. I can now conquer the world with just a few writing tips.

“This is a team gentlemen.” The League of Legends way!

“There it is ladies and gentlemen, your Season 4 World Champions!” says Leigh “Deman” Smith as Samsung White, a professional e-sports team, took the League of Legends World Championship million dollar prize pool home. Samsung White, a team of incredible magnitude clearly showed their dominance over the rest of the League of Legends teams across the world, but how? Samsung White played as a team. Teamwork is the most important thing to have in any level of competition. What develops good teamwork though? A successful League of Legends team, like any other sports team, at its core must possess three qualities: communication, leadership, and unity of purpose.

Communication is by far the most important quality of a League of Legends team. Smooth communication and execution of any call will almost always win the game. Marcel “Dexter” Feldkamp, jungler for the professional team Counter Logic Gaming, says “Communicating is just both ways, you just have to speak and listen to your teammates…” (Marcel Feldkamp 2013). Dexter, as he is known in game, stresses that you have to talk and listen to teammates. Talking to teammates and letting everyone know what is going on is so important because it helps teams to be decisive. Dexter once again comments but this time on decisiveness saying “The more decisive team will win 100% of the time. “(Feldkamp 2013) In League of Legends a team doesn’t want to play reactionary, they want to be the one making the moves. This comes with being decisive which stems directly from the information that is relayed from the rest of the team.  Since this information is so important, the communication must be perfect. Along with this players communicate over headsets which can often time cause problems when multiple people try to speak at once.  This is where learning to be quiet and listen is important. Listening comes from trusting your teammates and believing in the call which ultimately stems from strong leadership.

Leadership in a League of Legends team is extremely important as it is often up to one person to make the final call and everyone else to follow it. This person is called the “Shot caller” and they are the ones whose word is final. They are often seen as the leader or team captain. Hai “Hai” Lam, mid laner and shot caller for the professional team Cloud 9, agrees with this by saying “If you have one person making call, if they do it right, it will turn out good for you.”(Hai 2013) This leadership, shown heavily through the captains especially, will often result in the long term success of a team. A player with a strong sense of leadership will often have the respect of his team as well. Having the respect of teammates is crucial because players will follow the person they respect and following the shot caller is what will lead to success.

When following a leader you must still play as a team and have what is called unity of purpose. In League of Legends the purpose is to destroy the enemy team’s nexus. Unity of purpose is an understanding that as team you must do this.  Certain players naturally have the instinct to want to be in the spotlight and have all the attention. Sometimes these players need to learn to give up the “big play”) so that the team can win. All it takes is a player taking a step back and looking at the real goal, which is victory, and suddenly that big play does not seem all too important.

Taking a look back at which teams have had success in League of Legends, teams like Cloud 9 and Samsung White come to mind. These teams all had the necessary attributes of a team. It is not completely flawless and even these teams falter, but often times it is these qualities that have allowed them to bounce back and secure a victory.

Round UP

This article is the most true and beautiful article to ever come into conception. It explains why the PC gaming race is so superior to the dirty console gaming peasants. It does this through the use of a list of 5 reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming. This can be interpreted as PC gamers being the master race. Will console gaming ever reach the level of PC gaming? With benefits like this, I doubt it.

1-PC race

This article is written about League of Legends Esports. The industry is constantly getting bigger for Esports and specifically with League of Legends. This is the first Esport to actually mimic itself after traditional sports in the way the it sets up its competitive league. All of the different regions across the world gets there own league and have there own prize pool but along with this each player makes a base salary. The salary allows for competitve gaming to be a legitimate job for people. The article elaborates on more of the specifics of this growing Esports industry and I can’t wait to see how far it goes.


This article is another list type format article about why anime is superior to western animation. Summarizing this is basically, asians do animation best. The main reason is because they make anime for the purpose of making a statement on something. Exploiting emotions and drawing us in. Western animations tend to be based around humor or completely unrealistic situations. None of these will stick with someone like the emotional tole of an anime.


Blog Post 3: RAFT

Role: The radio

Audience: Radio stations

Format: Letter

Topic: Music Choice

TO: All Radio Stations

FROM: The Sassy Radio in Eric Evans’s Car

DATE: September 5, 2014

RE: Request for better Music

I’m the radio in Eric Evans’s car and I cannot handle this! Everyday, not just once a day or once a week, EVERY DAY! I am turned on and listened to for maybe a minute before I am shut off and Eric goes to the CD player. He turns me on with the small hope that I can play good music, but everyday he is disappointed. He is disappointed because all of you radio stations suck! Excuse my language but there is no word better than that to describe what you play. The same songs are repeated 45 times a day and not to mention 95% of the songs you radio stations play are shallow non-sense.

Heck I would be satisfied if you only played a song once a day, instead of putting the same four songs on repeat. I can confidently say most people would be pretty ecstatic if the radio stations stopped playing the same ole stuff and changed it up at least a little. Played maybe the popular songs three times a day and eventually get down to two. Eventually people may even get a taste of real music and not want the terrible stuff that’s on repeat.

Like really Meghan Trainor you are all about that bass? Sorry I didn’t know that’s what you meant by your deep lyrics until the 35th time your terrible song was played. Radio stations you have control over this! Actually listen to the music and realize you can change people’s mind’s by exposing them to real music. You know music where people play instruments or sing without auto tune. You know that nice beautiful things that make music music.

Sorry Radio stations if this seems harsh but it is meant to! I am fed up and I know there are other radios and people that are too! So please for the love of god play something new. Play something………real.